Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaj

Guru Arjan Dev Ji MaharajArjan Dev was born at Goindwal to Guru Ramdas Ji and Mata Bhani (daughter of Guru Amar Das Ji). He married Bibi Ganga and had a son, Har-gobind in 1652. He passed away at Lahore on the banks of river Ravi. He was the first Guru to succeed his father, after proving himself worthy. He constructed many lakes, founded many cities and organised the mission very efficiently. He also collated the Banis- verses of the previous perfect Masters with great effort and published 'Granth Sahib', that includes his own verses. 'Sukhmani' is the best known of his writings, others being 'Bawan Akhari' and 'Barahmasa'.

He completed the tank at Amritsar and began construction of Harmandir temple in 1589. He also founded cities of Taran Taran and Kartarpur. His elder brother, Prithichand, having been deprived of his father's succession, opposed him. Amongst his tormentors were Chandushah, chieftain of Lahore, whose daughter he refused in marriage to his son, and the Pandits and Mullahs.

He was accused at the court of Emperor Jahangir of being critical of both Hinduism and Islam and of befriending his younger son, Khusrau, considered a traitor. He was fined Rs. 2,00,000, which he refused to pay. He was then punished by Chandushah by being seated on a pan over burning fire, with burning hot sand poured over him upto his neck. He suffered in silence in obedience to the Will of the Lord. On the fifth day, he passed away after appointing Har0gobind Ji as his successor.